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Artist Profile


Ron Preinfalk RONE84 draws, paints, and performs artistic interventions in public. He works fast and produces a lot of material, leaving his creations to drift naturally onto street walls or the pages of his sketchbook. Ron has a history of recycling material found lying around in dumpsters, attics, thrift shops and streets. Today, his weapon of choice is the marker pen – though strictly the kind he makes himself.

Ron channels his enthusiasm for French graffiti and American pop art into his own visual language; a style that’s instantly recognisable even without the artist’s signature. His process begins by covering every surface in material before rubbing it all out. He confesses that he spends more time erasing content than creating it. Despite the way Ron balances creation and deletion, his final work is in no way conceptual. Instead, it presents us with a steadfast reflection of the artist’s rebellious outlook.
Ron has no burning desire for career-building; instead he concentrates on his own artistic microcosm. After almost 20 years working in the arts, the artist maintains a youthful perseverance, an uncompromising sense of mischief and a healthy dose of unpredictability.

Over his long career, the artist has scribbled on club toilets, fuse boxes, brick walls and all kinds of objects in the public eye – and yet his greatest treasure is his home studio. We find it in utter chaos: a spray-painted door, walls plastered with inspiration, canvases on every surface, a jumble of books, notebooks, papers and sketchbooks (“Yes, there’s about a cubic metre of them lying around”), vintage jackets which he spray-paints and gifts to friends, and a billion other things. He tells me that this jumbled space is no stranger to accidents: a paint spillage here, a crumpled piece of paper there, a missing object wherever it might be. “Randomness can sometimes be a good thing,” he adds.


B.A. in Graphic Art, School of Arts, Nova Gorica, SI

Selected Shows



AIR4, group show, RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE, Ljubljana, SI


Love Story feat. Petra Varl

Love Story feat. Petra Varl, solo show, RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE, Ljubljana, SI


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