May 17 –
June 03, 2019

Prešernova ulica 10A
1000 Ljubljana
Piera Ravnikar

Teja Kosi
            The Rosshalde exhibition is named after the short story by Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse about everyday people, split between commitments to the family and longing for spiritual fulfilment, which can only be obtained outside the boundaries of a conventional society. The artist reveals her special relationship with Hesse’s thematization of multiplicity and the rejection of the idea of life as a developmental process leading up to our demise. Instead, she presents us with the realisation that all dualities reside within us, whether these are youth and old age, good and evil, defeat and victory. She adds that it is not solely about duality, but the multiplicity and attention paid to the different types of “us”, allowing each of them to creep out whenever they feel like it. Despite works of art being based on a stroll through a literary dimension, this in no way limits them. In fact, both areas coexist in harmony, and instead of reflecting geographical journeys or (literary) heroes and their stories, they open up a world of riddles, mysteries and reflections.
           Ana Milenković (1988) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and received her master’s degree at the University of Arts in Wimbledon. She the recipient of many awards, like the prestigious Griffin Art Prize, an award reserved for outstanding emerging artists. She has recently upgraded her solo and group exhibitions around the world with the Ingram Collection’s inaugural Purchase Prize Exhibition for Young Contemporary Talent, Griffin Art Prize Shortlist exhibition, Selected Paintings, presented by PayneShurvell, and her independent exhibition Clifford Chance headquarters in London, where the artist currently resides and works.