Helena Tahir

Born in 1991, Jesenice, SI
Lives and works in Ljubljana, SI

Helena Tahir (1992) primarily creates in graphic art and drawing. She completed her undergraduate studies in graphic art and her graduate studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana. As a student, she received further training at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto and at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. Her monumental, rich, and detail-saturated visual narratives require slow and rigorous reading. Thanks to her consistent and thorough examination of the medium, every painting represents a new technical challenge. Helena Tahir has presented herself with several independent exhibitions, for example, at Lamut Visual Art Salon in Kostanjevica na Krki (2018), International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana (2020), Gallery Ravne KGLU (2021), and RAVNIKAR (2022), as well as many group shows in Slovenia and abroad. In 2022, she will also premiere at the international art fair Art Rotterdam. She currently lives and works between Jesenice and Ljubljana.


Imaginaries of Elsewhere

Imaginaries of Elsewhere (I), 2022
Mixed Media on Paper
30 x 42 cm

RAVNIKAR, Ljubljana, SI, 2022

Words Fail Me

Study I, 2022
Words Fail Me
Drawing on Paper
50 x 70 cm

RAVNIKAR, Ljubljana, SI, 2022

Somewhere Near

Helena Tahir, 2020
Jesenice Series
Drawings on Paper

MGLC Ljubljana
International Centre for Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, SI


MFA, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana (SI)

2018, 2019
Exchange student, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig (DE)

BFA (Hons), Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana (SI)

2013, 2014
Exchange student, Academy of Faculty of Fine arts Porto (PT)


Commendation of young artist 2021, International exhibition of prints and artist’s books, Rijeka (CRO)

2021 Honorary award, 10th International Triennial Of Graphic Art Bitola (MK)

Working scholarship from Ministry of Culture, SI
Print workshop, House of culture Pivka, Pivka (SI)
Pigmaljon AIR, Tamnjanica (CS)

Artist in Residence feat. Rijeka2020, Omisalj, Island Krk (HR)
Best young artist Primavera award, Maribor (SI)
ZA!ZIVA print workshop, House of culture Pivka, Pivka (SI)

Best young printmaker award, May salon, Ljubljana (SI)
55th Art symposium Izlake, Zagorje (SI)

17th International Symposium, AIR, Opatija (HR)
Open studio, Dobra Vaga, Ljubljana (SI)


The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška KGLU, (SI)
International Centre of Graphic Arts, MGLC, Ljubljana (SI)
Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki (SI)
Kino Šiška, Ljubljana (SI)
Modern Art Museum SLU, Niš (SRB)

Call Me Series, Cukrarna Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
Art Rotterdam, New Art Section, Rotterdam (NL)
Words Fail Me, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

Somewhere Near, Ravne Gallery, The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška KGLU, Ravne (SI)

Prints, Impressions, Notations, Layerjeva hiša, Kranj (SI)
Prints, Impressions, Notations, House of culture Pivka, Pivka (SI)
Drawings and Graphics, ArtKit (Kibla), Maribor (SI)
Somewhere near, International Centre of Graphic Arts, MGLC, Ljubljana (SI)

Critics’ choice: Aleksander Bassin), Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana (SI)
In a Whirl, Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki (SI)
The following series, Kino Siska, Ljubljana (SI)
Poetics of Childhood, Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana (SI)

Lighting, Galerija Janeza Boljke, Ljubljana (SI).
Helena Tahir, Kosova grascina, Jesenice (SI)
By The Way: Helena Tahir, TAM-TAM Ulična galerija, Ljubljana (SI)
Faces, DobraVaga, Ljubljana (SI)

Lighting, Galerija Pungert, Kranj (SI)

viennacontemporary, Vienna, AT
Artists in Dialogue with a Collection of Poems by Anja Golob, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

International exhibition of prints and artist’s books, Kortil Gallery (CRO)

Contemporary Equals Fresh, Sodobna slovenska grafika, Yiiie Gallery, Chengdu (CN)
Ziva grafika, Galerija Equrna, Ljubljana (SI)
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Home and Abroad, Umetnostna galerija Maribor (UGM), Maribor (SI)Primavera Awards 2019, Galerija DLUM, Maribor (SI)

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AppointMENT, DobraVaga, Ljubljana (SI)
That is to Say, Everyone, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
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Personal Outsides: book release, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
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Art auction exhibition, DLUL, Ljubljana (SI)

Matrix search, Galerija Velenje (SI)Zum Zoum Zoom, Gap Gap gallery, Leipzig (DE)
I want to do something but I'm not really sure, Handstand und moral, Leipzig (DE)
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