Nina Čelhar

Born in 1990, Postojna (SI)
Lives and works in Ljubljana (SI)

Nina Čelhar (1990) completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Ljubljana, where she received the Academy Award for Special Study Achievements. For a year, she was perfecting her knowledge at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. Through the medium of painting, she explores the experience of dwelling. Her works focus on the meaning of architecture as basic living environment, exploring how it dictates our everyday lives and movements, in a way controlling and directing our very existence. Using limited palette, subtle and fragile technique, her paintings emit tranquil and elusive feel, steering the viewer into a psychological space, stripped of all tangible distractions. Nina Čelhar regularly presents her work in independent and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Her work is included in such collections as Albertina – ESSL and Riko.


BFA in Painting, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana (SI)

2013, 2014   
Exchange student, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig (DE)

MFA in Painting, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana (SI)


From Within, Open Studio, Ljubljana (SI); co-financed by Ministry of Culture (SI)


Artist in Residence, RigenerArte, Treviso (IT); provided by Fondazione Benetton, Regione del Veneto and UNIS&F
Artist in Residence, London (UK); provided by the Ministry of Culture (SI)

Artist in Residence, Omišalj, Island Krk (HR)

Work scholarship, provided by Ministry of Culture (SI)

Biennial exhibition Look 8 Award, Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki (SI)

Essl Art Award CEE 2015, Collectors Invitation (AT/SI)

First Prize, Contest for the best portrait of University Chancellor Prof. Dr. Pejovnik, University of Ljubljana (SI)

Academy Award for Special Study Achievements, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana (SI)

2009 ‒ 2014   
Zois scholarship for talented students (SI)


Albertina – Essl Collection, Vienna (AT)
Riko Collection, Ljubljana (SI)
Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki (SI)
Gallery Miklova hiša, Ribnica (SI)
Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana (SI)
University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana (SI)
Museum of Dolenjska, Novo mesto (SI)
Art Theorema, Luciano Benetton Collection, Treviso (IT)
Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Treviso (IT)
House of Culture Pivka, Pivka (SI)


In Between, House of culture Pivka, Pivka (SI)

Personal Residences, Bežigrad Galley 1, Ljubljana (SI)
To Dwell, 12 Star Gallery, London (UK)

Balance, Tessitura La Colombina, Badoere (IT)
Subordinations (with Monika Slemc), Gallery Meduza, Koper (SI)

Outside (Inside), Riko Debenjak Gallery, Kanal (SI)
Nina Čelhar, AIR [2018], Skalinada, Omišalj (HR)
Light on Light, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

Concrete Facades, Gallery Robin, Murska Sobota (SI)
Houses in a House, House of culture Pivka, Pivka (SI)
Unconcrete (with Boris Beja), DLUL Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
Lulls, Božidar Jakac Art Museum ‒ lapidarium, Kostanjevica na Krki (SI)
Wood, Concrete and Flowers, Miklova hiša Gallery, Ribnica (SI)

Room (Plywood), Gallery Simulaker, Novo mesto (SI)
Room (Plywood), Kamera, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana (SI)
Dwelling Atmospheres, Tir Gallery, Nova Gorica (SI)

Fleeting Atmospheres, UGM Studio, Maribor (SI)
Spaces of Belonging, Tower Škrlovec, Kranj (SI)
Additional Areas (with Anamari Hrup), ZDSLU Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

States of Sensitivity, Bežigrad Gallery 1, Ljubljana (SI) 

Art Verona, Verona, IT
viennacontemporary, Vienna, AT

We are Living in Interesting Times, The European Parliament, Brussels (BE)
GB 89-21, Bažato Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
The Painting Now!, Monfort, Portorož (SI)
The Painting Now!, City Gallery of Nova Gorica, Nova Gorica (SI)
Hedosnim, Hochsommer Art Festival, Castle Grad, Grad, (SI/AT)
Hedonism 2020‒2021, Gallery ‘S’, Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana (SI)

When the Globe is Home, Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso (IT)
16th Novo mesto Art Days, Museum of Dolenjska, Novo mesto (SI)
AIR4, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
Green Cut, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

Time Without Innocence. Recent Painting in Slovenia, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana (SI)
Unspoken Presences. From the Riko Art Collection, Miklova hiša Gallery, Ribnica (SI)
Vienna Contemporary, Vienna (AT)
Last Xmas I Gave You My Art, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
Biennial of the Slovenian Independent Illustration, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana (SI)
Skalinada, Kombinat, Rijeka (HR)
Omejena razstava, Teden kulture na placu, Metlika (SI)
AIR4, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
That is to Say, Everyone, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
OSM, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje (SI)

Last Christmas I Gave You My Art, Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana (SI)
HKP20 / Everything is Changing, House of culture Pivka, Pivka (SI)
AIR4, Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana (SI)
Samo, House of culture Pivka, Pivka (SI)


Something Ending, Something Beginning, Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
Off the Hook, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin (DE)
Young Female Art in Šiška, Galerija Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
Embodiment, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

Cut Outs / Intersections, From the Riko Art Collection, Gallery Miklova hiša, Ribnica (SI)
Off the Hook, UGM Studio, Maribor (SI)
Look 8, Lamut’s Art Salon, Božidar Jakac Art Museum, Kostanjevica na Krki (SI)
Works on Paper, Galleria 5, Oulu (FI)
Personal, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)
ALUO LXX. Past, Present, Future, Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)

Diverstiy of Voices, Essl Art Award 2015, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg bei Wien (AT)
3rd Triennal of Young Artists ‒ Premiere 2015. Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje (SI)
Essl Art Award CEE, Nominees’ Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana (SI)

Atopic body, Equrna Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)


Preview Berlin Art Fair 2013, Berlin (DE)
Surviving with Creative Practices, Gallery Miklova hiša Gallery, Ribnica (SI)


Transform: Pandora’s Box, Telogleion Foundation of Arts, Thessaloniki (GR)
Entrance, Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana (SI)