On the surface
April 17 –
May 14, 2018

Prešernova ulica 10A
1000 Ljubljana
Piera Ravnikar

Teja Kosi
            A younger generation painter, Urška Rednak, is a master of combining surface, colour and composition ratios. Embroidering wool on canvas, she has been introducing the old and traditional into contemporary painting. Combined with layers of acrylic paint and other media, the final result is calm, yet playful abstraction. In the past, the artist was exploring the relationship between image and text, which resulted in embroidered text on canvass. In her recent works, she has been avoiding previously expressed internal recreations and feelings. However, they still contain statements that pay no attention to their image, rather functioning as elements of the painting’s abstract composition. Her excursion into the world of abstraction was a spontaneous move based on the idea of combining wool with acrylic paints. Relief paintings that contain wool lead to a transition from two- to three-dimensional art space, while also containing smoothness introduced by the presence of wool, which begs to be touched. According to the artist, she combines colours to form a composition like a writer combines words to form a text. “You spend a long time looking for the word, replace it with another one, delete, add or substitute it. You should end up with a sensible composition.”

            The exhibition On the surface guides the viewer’s gaze to the surface of paintings, inviting them to explore the compositions made of wool and acrylic paint, of various colours and shapes, and to succumb to the flow of own imagination and interpretations. Rather than sporting strictness, severity and unwritten rules, her works evoke ease. The artist having been liberated by the harmonious colour abstraction, the exhibition provides insight into the backstage of the process, in which the combination of wool and colour offers a fix for everyday anxiety.
           Urška Rednak (1987) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2014, where she received the Zois scholarship, an award for gifted students. In recent years, she has been working as a tutor at art workshops and teaching drawing and painting. She participated in several group and solo exhibitions. She lives and works in Ljubljana.