March 06 –
April 09, 2018

Prešernova ulica 10A
1000 Ljubljana
Piera Ravnikar

Teja Kosi

            The ZEK Crew visual collective has spent two decades disrupting the fields of street art, graphic design, contemporary art and any other discipline which might present itself as fertile ground for self-expression and humour. Their name, ZEK, which is Croatian for “rabbit”, was borrowed by these Slovene street-art pioneers to hint at their inclination towards poetic verbal-visual humour.

            The vision for ZEK is clear: they stand for bold, innovative and playful ideas, translated into strong artistic concepts which comment on the world around them. Their perspective draws focus through humour, but one of the main criteria for the collective’s internal operation is to banish the boring from anything bearing the ZEK signature.

            They live in places that are marginal, alternative or out-moded. Their work can be seen everywhere from street walls and air raid shelters to clubs, websites, caves and galleries. As they like to emphasise, ZEK art is made up of layers of ideas and realised using, among other things, their own fractal origami technique.

            After years of unburdened and earnest artistic exploration, they remain steadfast in their stance of resistance. This requires the crew to abandon “political correctness” and established ways of thinking. Their DIY approach sidesteps institutions without compromising their ambition or under-valuing artistic ideas. They pose ambiguous and often rhetorical questions which are as relevant today as the day they started.

           Zek Crew is a collective, the historical l’enfant terrible of Slovenian design, who also operates in the fields of contemporary and street art. In addition to the versatility and innovativeness of their comprehensive artistic expression, they excel due to their faithful inclination towards humour, irony and poetic verbal-visual jokes. In 2019, they are celebrating their 19th year of existence.