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SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Gosposka ulica 16
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Please note that masks are mandatory for visiting our gallery space and the number of persons is limited.

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+386 40 846 069

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Founder & Director
Piera Ravnikar

Executive Producer
Eva Simonič

Rok Mar

Mario Zupanov

Maja Stamenković

Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi
            RAVNIKAR GALLERY is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the presentation and promotion of various art practices within the field of contemporary visual culture by both Slovenian and international artists. Through our wide-ranging contents and multi-faceted activities, we strive to profile the emerging younger generation of artists who are just making a name for themselves, while supporting already established artists of the middle generation.

            The gallery has been run by its founder and director Piera Ravnikar since 2017. The premises are located in the Slovenian capital, in the hustle and bustle of cultural activities, in the city's cultural district, at a midpoint between the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Cankarjev dom, the largest Slovenian cultural centre, and the Museum of Modern Art. Since its inception, the basic vision of the gallery has been to showcase local art production and its integration with international trends through outward-looking activities. Our aim is to promote a diverse and dynamic, constructive exchange of knowledge and experience between artists, curators and collectors as well as the general public through the development of international partnerships and horizontal networks.

            RAVNIKAR GALLERY also seeks to actualise its work within a somewhat more specific thematic focus. The artists we represent are generally concerned in their exhibitions and other projects with the exploration (investigation, analysis, evaluation) of space in the broadest sense of the word. The exploration of architecture and spaces, whether as form or metaphor, remains central to their work, with the media of contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture predominating in all their complex, extended qualities and unpredictable forms.

            The focus on the semantic field of space is perhaps most clearly expressed in the new project space R SPACE, which is scheduled to open in September 2021 in collaboration with the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU). Similar to the main gallery, the project space has a significant micro-location, as it is located in the midst of important cultural monuments and architectural landmarks, such as the National and University Library (NUK), the City Museum of Ljubljana and the Križanke complex. The space is intended for the youngest generation of artists, for their self-discovery, their encounter with the space they occupy as artists, the development of their own art practice and introduction to the contemporary art system, not least the art market.

            RAVNIKAR GALLERY SPACE is also the initiator for the creation of the international platform Ljubljana Art Weekend, which is being developed in cooperation with the Cukrarna gallery and the City of Ljubljana. The initiative, like its numerous European counterparts, is committed to the appropriate presentation and promotion of contemporary visual art. As part of the various events in the extended weekend programme, once a year we join forces with various partners such as galleries, artist-run spaces, private collectors, museums and other public spaces and projects, as well as young, not-yet-established initiatives dedicated to contemporary art. During this weekend, art lovers from home and abroad have the opportunity to visit Ljubljana and experience first-hand the rich and vibrant local contemporary art production.