Duba Sambolec

Born in 1949, Ljubljana (SI)
Lives and works in Ljubljana (SI)

Duba, Dubravka Ana Sambolec completed her postgraduate studies in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She has received several prestigious international grants, including the Pollock-Krasner Grant (1990) and the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation individual support and emergency grants, New York (1991, 1992). She has spent much of her life abroad, taught for many years at art academies in Norway, was invited guest artist-teacher in the United Kingdom and the People's Republic of China and was elected professor at various art academies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. She has shown her work in numerous solo shows and has participated in many national and international exhibitions around the world. She has been invited by international curators to the São Paulo Biennial (1985) and the Venice Biennale (Aperto, 1988). Her works are included in the permanent collections of the Museums of Modern and Contemporary Art in Ljubljana, LAH Contemporary Bled, Zagreb, Belgrade, São Paulo, Stadt Goch Museum and in private collections in Slovenia, Brasil and Europe. She has received numerous awards and prizes for her work, most recently the Slovenian Jakopič Award for Lifetime Achievement (2022). She lives and works in Ljubljana.


Uneasiness in Time, Museum of Modern Art, Curated by Marko Jenko, Ljubljana, SI

Situation Report #1, #2, HDLU & PM Galleries, Curated by Urška Jurman, Zagreb, HR

Situation Report #3, Curated by Urška Jurman, ŠKUC Gallery & Gallery of Contemporary Art / Likovni salon Celje, SI

Object Without Dignity, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, HR 

NoHomeVideos, 6th International Festival of Contemporary Arts, City of Women, Ljubljana, SI

2012, 1998, 1988, 1983, 1982
Museums of Contemporary & Modern Art, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, SI, HR, RS


Returning the Gaze, 58 women artists, CUKRARNA, Curated by Alenka Gregorič, Mara Anjoli Vujić, Mateja Podlesnik, Alenka Trebušak, Ljubljana, SI

Ljubljana 25th International Festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women, #HERSTORY, Cheers to Women! Alkatraz Gallery, Curated by Vesna Bukovec, Ana Čigon, Ljubljana, SI

The Heritage of 1989. Case Study: The Second Yugoslav Documents Exhibition, Curated by Zdenka Badovinac, Bojana Piškur, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, SI

New spaces, New Images, The 1980s through the Prism of Events, Exhibitions, and Discourses – Part 1, Museum of Modern Art, Curated by Asta Vrečko, Martina Malešič, Ljubljana, SI

Amor, 20 Eastern European women artists, Centro Cultural Oi Futuro, Flamengo, Curated by Dr. Denise Carvalho & Monika Szewczyk, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Slovenia and Non-aligned POP, UGM Gallery, Curated by Dr. Petja Grafenauer, Maribor, SI

Love OnThe Edge, 20 East European women artists, Galeria Arsenał, Białystok, Curated by Dr.
Denise Carvalho & Monika Szewczyk, PL

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Feminist Art in Slovenia, P74 Gallery, Curated by Ana Grobler, Ljubljana, SI

RED: The Gendered Color in Frames, International Video art Exhibition, Curated by Evelin Stermitz, Photon Gallery, SI, AT

Un-empowered, New Media City Gallery, Curated by Ana Grobler, Trbovlje, SI  

Gender Check: Femininity and Masculinity in the Art of Eastern Europe, National Gallery of Art, Curated by Bojana Pejić, Zacheta, PL

Gender Check, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Stiftung Ludwig Wien, MUMOK, Curated by Bojana Pejić, Vienna, AT

2007, 2008, 2009
Center for Contemporary Arts, SCCA, group & solo shows, talks, Ljubljana, SI

Sky – Earth,Aperto 88, Venice Biennial, Invited by Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte, Venice, IT 

São Paulo Biennial, Invited by Pieter Tjabbes, São Paulo, Brazil

Photography is Symbolical, Art schools today are a kind of oasis, Published by Sektor & ROSTFREI PUBLISHING, SI

Couldn’t Get a Sense of It: Forms of Education, Very Useful Studies (The Beating Drums of Pragmatism) by D. S. INCA Press, Seattle. U.S.A.

Object Without Dignity, The Place / Rooms, Things and People, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, HR

Politics of Imagination, Galleries of Contemporary Art, Celje and Slovenj Gradec, SI

HELIUM, Detour / Tour and the texts on five artists projects, by D. S., BallongMagasinet, Oslo, Norway & NIFCA, Helsinki, FI

Edith Spira; TRANSLATIONS, In Advance of Non-Existent Ideas, Contemplation on a Commission, Yggdrasil Forlag, Tønsberg, NO

KIT/BFA degree show, Art and Gender, Trondheim Art Museum, Trondheim, NO

NoHomeVideos, There is no Beauty, or The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even, 6th International Festival of Contemporary Arts, City of Women, Ljubljana, SI

KIT/BFA degree show, Dear Julie, Trondheim Art Museum, Trondheim, NO

DIVIDED ZONES, Artists Statement, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Gallery of Contemporary Art & Likovni salon, Celje, SI


Temporary, 2011
250 x 60 cm
PVC, Plastic Folia, Wood, Readymade, Lights, Metal wire
@CUKRARNA, Ljubljana, SI

Singularity, 2018
14 sculptures, Fence
@MG+MSUM, Ljubljana, SI

To: Louise Bourgeois, 2017
Collage, Wood, Various Materials, Plexi-glass
@HDLU, Zagreb, HR

Balkans on My Mind, 2011
130cm x 225 cm
Fabric, Wood, Bitumen, Neon Lights, Rubber Electricity Wires
@HDLU, Zagreb, HR

1/2 Volume Hanging, 2010-2011
253 x 80 x 160 cm
Silicone, Horse Hair, Readymade, Various Materials
@UKRARNA, Ljubljana, SI

This & That Unplugged, 2009 – 2010
38,3 x 34,5 x 95 cm
Wood, Metal Fabric, Readymade: Hands, Paint, UV Light

@HDLU, Zagreb, HR

Situation Report #3, 2013
Entertainment Place
@HDLU Zagreb, HR

Lug-Gage, 2011
Diptych; Sculpture
240 x 69 x 69 cm
200 x 99,5 cm Banner Print
@HDLU, Zagreb, HR

Manifesto, 2021
Collage, Wall piece, Paper, Paint, Fabric, Aluminum, Leather, Readymade, Plastic, Various Materials