Born in 1990, Ljubljana (SI)
Lives and works between Ljubljana (SI) and Zagreb (HR)

Neža Knez graduated in sculpture in 2014 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she is currently enrolled in a master’s program under the mentorship of Prof. Jože Barši. In 2017, she received the highest recognition, Summa Cum Laude, for her thesis. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad and has received several awards, including the Award of the Ministry of Culture, the European Mobile Award (I-Portunus - Goethe Institut), the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Recognition, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Award for Exceptional Student Achievements, an award for an innovative approach to printmaking, the Prešeren Student Award of the University of Ljubljana, and the OHO Group Award. In 2018, she received a two-year residency for young artists at the Švicarija Creative Center. Between 2020 and 2022, she attended the WHW Academy and the Restart School of Experimental Film in Zagreb, successfully completing both studies.

Neža Knez explores the potentials and possibilities within the fictitious structure that appears in the real world, time and space. She is interested in the relationships that take place in the process of structuring form, be it moving image, sound, language, or mixed media installation. In recent years, she has largely dealt with (motion) picture and space beyond it. Seeing film as an incomplete whole, she focuses on creating situations with sculptural cinematographic elements, sounds, text/voice, and participants in these choreographies. She probes the materiality of light, pixels, sound, volume, skin, and bodies, which she also explores in cohabitation with her long standing (canine) teacher Niki.

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The Same Sweat is Still Flowing Through the Same Pores, #3

Neža Knez, 2022
The Same Sweat is Still Flowing Through the Same Pores, #3
3 canal voice essay (34’00”)
16mm film loop with lens
2 x animation loop, light objects, kinetic object fill with water, lens, objects

MSUM, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana, SI
Curated by Ana Mizerit, Bojana Piškur, Zdenka Badovinac, Igor Španjol
Photo@Jaka Babnik

The Same Sweat is Still Flowing Through the Same Pores, #1

Neža Knez, 2021
The Same Sweat is Still Flowing Through the Same Pores, #1
Video installationvideo essay (17’16”)
16mm film loop (54”)
Vibrating object fill with water, melting ice block on the street

City Gallery Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SI
Photo@Neža Knez

Y? Project

Neža Knez, 2019, 2020
Y? Project
Road trip project: a four-member team of artists went on a journey (from Serbia to New York) in a Yugo car to search for traces of the car’s history)
Collaboration with Danilo Milovanović, Toni Poljanec, Luka Erdani