Art Weekend 

Like its numerous European models, the Ljubljana Art Weekend initiative aims to bring together organisations and institutions, galleries, museums and project spaces dedicated to the presentation and promotion of contemporary art, thus contributing to the consolidation of the local art scene and promotion of its plurality and vitality. With a wide-ranging programme that includes presentations by local and foreign artists, we aim to lay the foundations for discussion and dialogue, while giving a diverse audience from different backgrounds the opportunity to get to know the continually growing and tireless contemporary art production.

ETC. Magazine

The international magazine ETC. is designed to bring together artists, curators, writers and publishers who work in the field of contemporary art. As the magazine is focused on a different social, environmental, political issue in each publication, it is designed to be a platform for diverse voices and opinions from all over Europe, contributing to a wider understanding of a certain issue and the recontextualisation of a border-defined narrative. Today more than ever, there is a need to start a dialogue and begin open conversations. By building a network of young critical minds from completely different backgrounds, the magazine aims to do just that.


Individual programme for emerging artists, curators and producers.

Open Studio Residency

Artists are provided with comprehensive support to pursue their artistic practice, whether it involves ongoing projects, the development of new initiatives, or the creation of site-specific works. The open studio program is specifically designed to foster the growth of artists' practices by facilitating experimentation. The residency is artist-driven and independent, placing emphasis on individual artistic visions and goals.